ASB Case Studies


Bunnings was an extremely rewarding project for us. All our projects are rewarding in their own right, but there’s something so satisfying when our client really appreciates what we do for them and loves their new space as much as Bunnings does.

This was our first job creating an angle cut Porcelain Whiteboard and was extremely successful.


ASB Bank place a high importance on collaborative work and problem solving. Boyd Visuals was engaged by our customer to provide full Whiteboard walls to allow ASB the maximum available space to work with. Many floors now have new highly effective meeting and planning spaces.

We used the worlds best Porcelain surface and manufactured the Whiteboards to have a very slim join between the panels.
Turning previously un-used spaces into collaboration areas that look great is very satisfying!


A complete re-fit of this building was required to turn it into a facility that better suits the needs of our Police force. Boyd Visuals was specified to provide Ultra-Thin framed Porcelain whiteboards, full wall Whiteboards and to install acoustic panelling.

Our team worked closely with the construction managers to ensure the process went smoothly and we provided on-going advice on the important small details. The finished result means highly functional and comfortable meeting rooms. Users now have a space where they can work together, plan and get great results.


Auckland Council have been through a major refurbishment of their Albert St head office. Boyd Visuals was selected to manage this very large and complex job. The project will take around 12 months from start to finish and includes our Ultra-Thin Framed Porcelain Whiteboards selected for their sleek look, along with the same sleek profile Framed Pinboards.

They now have fantastic collaboration areas on all floors. Close contact with the project managers and facility managers was required to meet Council deadlines.
The finished product looks great and will last for many years.


The Icehouse is committed to creating a high performing New Zealand economy where ideas and businesses thrive. They believe in the extraordinary potential of New Zealand business owners & entrepreneurs and enable success through knowledge, connection, and investment.

Boyd Visuals was engaged to provide Icehouse the tools to enable collaboration and help extract those ideas. Our sleek, frameless, and magnetic glassboards were supplied and installed along with acoustic paneling. The end result looks stunning and is highly functional as a glass writing surface will always come clean. The Icehouse has recognised the amazing return on investment a business can deliver with the right planning and collaboration tools.


Bancorp is a leading investment bank that provides corporate finance, treasury advisory and private banking. Bancorp recently moved into new premises in the beautifully restored Buckland and Masonic Buildings in Britomart. The renovation of this property first built in the late 1800’s has created office spaces with a rich history and real character. The development has preserved a fascinating part of Auckland’s history and is worth a look.

Boyd Visuals were brought in to recommend writing surfaces that worked for these unique spaces. We installed porcelain whiteboards that will withstand daily use with our Ultrathin frame in White with a bespoke pen tray integrated into the frame. We also delivered and assembled our mobile Summit board to be used in open plan areas or moved between meeting rooms.


We were thrilled to help Maritime NZ find a solution for their Training Room / Disaster Response Room. Our team met them on site and collaborated to design a concept that was functional and added more personality to the room.

The final solution on the 4 meter walls was a combination of an Acoustic pinnable board and hanging whiteboards on Ergo Rail. The Acoustic panel is designed to reduce noise reverberations, a critical factor when considering the importance of the room.

The Whiteboards positioned in front of the black Pinboards can easily slide along the rail and can be moved into another room if required.

D3 Media

Good acoustics are essential for an open plan office, especially for an ambitious independent agency like D3 Media. We provided D3 Media with our wine and turquoise Acoustic Panels for two of their meeting rooms, ensuring reduced noise for people inside and just as importantly people outside these rooms.

Their open plan office also needed a subtle hint of colour to add some personality. This is a common request from our customers and the perfect solution is our red Hanging Carved Panels, which also give a sense of privacy between their desks and the open area. A simple but very effective solution for their office.


Classrooms can often have several distractions and we wanted to make sure poor acoustics weren’t one of them at Henderson High School. Several of their classrooms now feature our wine Acoustic Panels to brighten up the rooms and absorb reverberating noise. Their students are now able to hear their teachers clearly and stay focused while learning.

This is a great use of our panels in a learning environment and we hope to help many other education facilities with our acoustic solutions.