Introducing e3™ CeramicSteel Duo!

Ideal for spaces that are exposed to excessive ambient light, e3™ CeramicSteel duo is scientifically engineered to reduce glare.

Teaching and presentation methods have evolved. More multimedia, projection and interactive content is being incorporated into classrooms and corporate meeting spaces worldwide.

This advancement in technology has led to tension between glare reduction and dry erasability. As a result, students and co-workers are experiencing shorter attention spans, visual fatigue and reduced knowledge transfer.

e3™ CeramicSteel duo addresses that problem with a surface that both enhances projection and write-erasability


• Magnetic Receptive

• Forever Surface Guarantee

• Optimized for Projection

• Reduced “Hot Spots”

• Clear Vibrant Images


e3™ CeramicSteel duo whiteboards are custom made to the size you require.

e3 Duo Slider