The Boyd Visuals team held a meeting in which we had guest speaker Kevin Biggar – his CV includes rowing the Atlantic, trekking to the South Pole and starring in a TV series…not bad in anyone’s book, and in fact he’s also written a book so there you go! Having heard Kevin speak at another event to over 200 people, I knew he could mesmerise our much smaller team like he did that day, and he didn’t disappoint. His preparation was perfect, integrating key messages we wanted to discuss as a business and relating them to his own experiences. It was a real highlight and privilege to have a genuine NZ adventurer sharing his stories, lessons and laughs with us.

Boyd Visuals is certainly stronger as a business purely from hearing Kevin speak and having his learnings and research imparted on us. It will underpin a number of initiatives we’ll work on in the future, and as customers you’ll definitely benefit as we keep striving to provide great products and great service.

For anyone interested check out or feel free to give anyone a call here at Boyd Visuals to get an inside word on Kevin Biggar as a motivational speaker – it will be well worth your while.

Nick Steele
Boyd Visuals