Our LIT LOC brochure holders are the most versatile brochure display system in the Deflecto range. Their modular design allows brochure holders to be linked together side by side and/or front to back to create multi-tier and multi-width displays. They are available in A4, A5 and DLE and can be wall mounted using the LIT LOC aluminium wall bar or slatwall mounting bar. They can also be free-standing using clip on bases and are manufactured from durable crystal clear plastic.

Product Code: 771901, 772001, 772501, 771901B, 772501B



Dimensions W x H x D (mm)DescriptionCode
110 x 202 x 32DLE Modular Brochure Holder771901
224 x 285 x 32A4 Modular Brochure Holder772001
160 x 202 x 32A5 Modular Brochure Holder772501
100 x 22 x 88Clip On Base/Spacer, Small771901B
100 x 22 x 180Clip On Base, Large, Multi-Tier772501B