Boyd Visuals offers a large range of Whiteboard Accessories including Magnetic Buttons in white, blue, black, red, yellow and green.

These magnets come in a range of 20mm, 30mm or 40mm in diameter.

White20mm 6 pkWAMBW20
Blue20mm 6 pkWAMBBE20
Black20mm 6 pkWAMBBK20
Red20mm 6 pkWAMBR20
White 20mm 6 pkWAMBW20
Green30mm5 pkWAMBG30
White30mm5 pkWAMBW30
Blue30mm5 pkWAMBBE30
Black30mm5 pkWAMBBK30
Red30mm5 pkWAMBR30
Yellow40mm4 pkWAMBY40
Green40mm4 pkWAMBG40
Blue40mm4 pkWAMBBE40
Black40mm4 pkWAMBBK40
Red40mm4 pkWAMBR40
White40mm4 pkWAMBW40